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In-Home Cooking Classes in Philadelphia


 1.   Get Ready! – Decide your group size and menu OR purchase as a gift certificate!

 2.   Click the ‘INQUIRE‘ tab OR click a menu of interest to pull up the inquiry form.

 3.    Get Set! – We’ll get you booked and officially on our calendar with any personalized details.

 4.    It’s show time! – We’ll bring ALL of the fresh ingredients for your menu and we’ll share where we shop to simplify your life when you decide to practice your menu on your own. Oh, we’ll also bring aprons you can borrow during the class- you know, to get your creative cooking juices flowing!

 5.    You won’t need to take notes during our live demos, as you’ll be hands-on and will master your menu over the next 2 hours  (but we’ll provide the recipes and tips for you online).

 6.   And yes, it’s true, we’ll do the dirty dishes along with capturing your experience taking pictures of you- for you, while also mixing in some other goodies… sweet, right!?! Oh, ‘KALE’ yeah!

 7.    After your cooking class, you’ll be a master ‘foodie’ – having learned lots of new things like: why is most soy sauce not real and how to use a veggie shredder like a pro! Not to mention being a master chef of your picked menu!

(For adult township courses,  visit the  BLOG to see them listed there)

Below are the most relished In-Home Cooking Class menus by theme.   (detailed items/choices are emailed)

Don't go 'bacon' my heart

life of the 'Paella' Party

Shrimp paella

go-to Party Appetizers

Oodles of Noodles

'NAAN'-sense ! (INDIAN)

Chicken Tikka Masala w naan

Korean Side dishes


MISO Happy



Cibo Italiano

claw and order

Korean BBQ

veggie tales

Mommy & Me

Chinese Treasures & secrets

What the PHO!?!

Just roll with it (sushi)

'THAI' Something new

get your menu customized


LETTUCE‘   Cater Your Next Event  Ⓡ

(Menus are personalized for all events & work place functions and are available in buffet style or create your own plate – bar )
We also rent out our linens, glass beverage dispensers, cut wood accents & more!

Select and view the CATERING tabs up top for menus & use the  ‘INQUIRE‘ tab to request a date or more information.


ROMAINE‘  CALM & Book a Private Chef Dinner   Ⓡ

(Have a personalized 7-course Private Chef Dinner cooked & served to you in the comforts of your home.)

Click  ‘INQUIRE‘  about scheduling a 7-course Private Chef Dinner.  
(All menu items are customized to your cuisine selections)